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All Occasion Parties - Our Place or Yours!


Choose your date and painting then call us to book your event!

$30 per person for canvas painting


2 wine glasses or glassware $35 per person

We provide a fully instructed class, all supplies,

fun games & prizes.

Snap & Share Photo Booth - FREE with your party!

BYOB - You may bring any food or drinks!

Our facility can accommodate

100 people in one room.

All party attendees must pay for entrance to the party, regardless if painting.


Margarita Machine - $60 (per 20ppl)

Makes frozen lime margaritas or sangria!

We provide the mix and you BYOB!

Professional photographer to capture your event! $100

Party ware including, plates, napkins, forks, table cloth and balloon decorated room - $60

Offsite Party - We bring the party to you!

$100 in city, extra out of city

Private Parties

Minimum 10 painters - any time or day,

3 hour private party

Time includes 30 minutes before for set up

and 30 minutes after for clean up.

Fri. & Sat. nights, 4 hour private party

Minimum 15 painters

Time includes 30 minutes before for set up

and 30 minutes after for clean up.

All party guests pay regardless if painting.

Book a table with just a party of 5!

Don't have enough people to meet the minimums? We have more than enough space for you to join into any class and have reserved seating arrangements and

an extra food and beverage table!